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Am Rath 43 Dormagen

Am Rath 13-59

Am Rübenweg 7-23, Dormagen

Heesenstraße 4–8, Dormagen

Am Rath 30



Heesenstraße 4–8
Am Rath 13–59
Am Rath 14–58
Am Rübenweg 7–23


Portfolio transaction
Housing privatisation


752 apartments
9 commercial premises
243 garages
155 parking spaces


Dormagen is an up-and-coming city located between the major cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne that benefits from its central location while offering the advantages of a quiet city center. The houses are about 200 meters away from the small Horremer center with its shops and restaurants. On the other side of the provincial road, the specialist market center extends in view of the residential buildings. The pedestrian zone in Dormagen is one and a half kilometers away from the residential units. From the adjoining Heesenstraße, the residents can take the bus from the station about 300 meters away.

Property description

The well-kept dwellings in the Horrem district of Dormagen are surrounded by large lawns and old trees. The new facades accentuated by fresh colors and renovated stairs and intercom locations contribute to the attractive appearance.


Comparison Before – After

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Living Room Before – After

Bedroom Before – After

Kitchen Before – After

Bath Before – After

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