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römerstraße ulm 101

römerstr 111–115

Grimmelfinger Weg 25-31



Römerstraße 101–107 und 111–115
Grimmelfinger Weg 25–31


Housing privatisation


72 apartments
6 garages
37 parking spaces


The residential buildings are located in the south of a residential area in the district of Weststadt on the so-called “Kuhberg.” The neighbourhood, which connects Söflingen and the Old Town of Ulm, has a good infrastructure and is not far from window-shopping in the Old Town. Shops for daily needs, schools and kindergartens are nearby.

Property description

Both residences are well maintained with lawns and beautiful landscaping. Completely renovated staircase houses, thermally insulated facades and modern entrance areas with intercom systems emphasise a high quality of life in a wonderful city.

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